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Content Application

Content Management application (CMA) and Content Delivery Application(CDA) are tools and process that allows us to add, manage, store and display content in your website, types of contents to be used in your application can be documentation, product listings, marketing, promotional content, and editorial content. Our technology stack to develop content application include word press based development. Reason we choose word press are cost friendly hosting and domain available, easy customization after website handover, easy support and maintenance, seo friendly, safe and secure etc. Type of websites and web application we can create using word press are blog page, business site, online store, membership site, online course and digital download sites etc. If you like to build your websites From us then contact us.

Cloud Application

A cloud application, or cloud app, is a software program where cloud-based and local components work together. This model relies on remote servers for processing logic that is accessed through a web browser with a continual internet connection. Our technology stack for cloud application are Software-as-a-service Platform-as-a-service Infrastructure-as-a-service. Our suggestion for cloud computing application are cause of lower cost, mobility, scalability, disaster recovery, data security, stoarge choices, automatic software updates and better collaboration. Our team of expert specialize in Salesforce cloud application for full custom CRM solution and available for managed as well as development support. Our team also specialize in spring cloud application, Microsoft azure cloud computing platform, Oracle cloud application. We work with major cloud software solution provider vendors such as Salesforce, Microsoft and Oracle to come up right proper technological solution for your business problem.

Custom Application

Developing software or an application that meets specific business requirements is necessary for survival in today's competitive era. Our offering in the context of custom application include Front end development, backend development, custom api development, Microsoft power platform based application development and intelligent saas solution development. Tech stack we use for Front end development are HTML5, CSS3, And JavaScript Frameworks to ensure that your website looks beautiful and functions seamlessly. For Backend we use programming languages such as .NET Core, ASP.NET, Java, PHP, Ruby, and Python, as well as cutting-edge technologies like Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud. For Saas solution we use Salesforce for industry cloud, platform specific development, experience cloud developnent and many others business solutions depending on your project needs.

Our team of expertise specialize in following platform too to solve business problem in more advanced way

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We can help you bring your ideas to life. Let’s talk about what we can build and raise together. What does IT mean to outsource a client? What is Outsourcing and How Does it Work? Outsourcing is a business practice in which a company hires a third party to perform tasks, handle operations or provide services for the company. To ensure your business remains competitive, it's essential to outsource your IT to a managed services provider that can offer future-proof technology

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